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Belogia Digital Scale with Timer dstc 350
Out Of Stock
Brand: Belogia
-Perfect tool for specialists and brewing lovers -Inox top for easy cleaning -Tare measurement -Timer -Range measurement time 0:00 - 59:50 -Weighs coffee beans, ground coffee, hot water and counts extraction time -Easily choose between measurements in ounces, grams and (fluid ounce..
Belogia Scale DST 350
In Stock -8 %
Brand: Belogia
-Digital scale with timer and cover -Perfect tool for specialists and brewing lovers -Tare measurement -Range measurement time 0:00 - 59:50 -Weighs coffee beans, ground coffee, hot water and counts extraction time -LCD -Maximum weighing weight 3kg -Precision weighing in 0.10 gr ..
29.50€ 32.18€
Brewista Smart Scale V2 Brewista Smart Scale V2
Out Of Stock
Brand: Brewista
Redesigned with a USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for longer life*. The Smart Scale II™ has the same water repellent nano-coating as the original, but is even more water resistant thanks to the completely sealed body and included silicone platform pad. It automatically tares, automatically time..
Brewista® Ratio Scale Brewista® Ratio Scale
In Stock
Brand: Brewista
Brewista's innovative Ratio Scale allows users to make perfect pour over coffee by pacing the amount of water to pour. The scale automatically calculates the water needed based on the amount of coffee grounds used and chosen ratio. Dual timing bars display the actual and desired pour rates. Matching..
JoeFrex xsw Spoon Scale JoeFrex xsw Spoon Scale
In Stock
Brand: JoeFrex
Joe Frex xsw Spoon Scale Spoon scale for ground coffee. It weights accurately any dose of ground coffee. Max weight it can handle up to 300gr. Weighs the single dose of coffee Display in grams or ounces. It has a tare function and automatic switch-off...
JoeFrex XWA Digital Coffee Scale JoeFrex XWA Digital Coffee Scale
Hot In Stock
Brand: JoeFrex
-Small digital scale. -Measure exactly a 7gr portion of espresso. -Max weight: 600g. -Accuracy: 0.1gr. -Blue night design light. -Dimensions 71mm x 65mm -Stainless steel..
KARAMCO Scale FEH-1200
In Stock -15 %
Brand: Karamco
Electronic scales for laboratory use KARAMCO. Specifications: -tare -LCD screen -zeroism -LOAD CELL high precision -stainless steel pan -battery-power -With transformer -Alkaline batteries (not included) -Dimensions mm: 248x172x72 -Dimensions of the tray mm: Ø 1..
93.50€ 110.00€
Rhino Bench Scale 2kg/0.1g
In Stock
Rhino Bench Scale 2kg/0.1g The new Rhino scales are designed to fit the grill of all espresso machines for precision in every extraction. Specifications: - Capacity: 2000g / 70oz - Accuracy: 0.1g - Modes: G/OZ/OZT/DWT - Platform Dimensions: 150mm (5.90") x 158mm (6.22") - Platform Mater..
Rhino Coffee Gear Pocket Scale 600g/0,1g Rhino Coffee Gear Pocket Scale 600g/0,1g
In Stock
Reliable coffee scale 600g / 21oz necessary for consistency in any preparation. Combines reliability at an affordable price. The Rhino Pocket scale is extremely easy to use and lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket, bag or kit. It has a weighing platform made of stainless steel, foldin..
Rhino Installment Scale 1000g / 01g
In Stock
-The screen is tilted forward to make it easier to read the measurement. -Measure weight measuring 1000 grams with an accuracy of 0.1 gram. -Dimensions of weighing area 7cm x 7cm. - Package includes batteries..
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