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About Barista Lovers

The Barista Lovers Single Member P.C is a company based in the city of Alexandroupoli (Greece). With experience since mid-1990 back from the bar, but in the area of ​​Professional Equipment later, we decided to create an online store wanting to meet your expectations and to share experience and passion.

The team consists of young and enthusiastic professionals who continuously explore the Greek and international market in order to supply new innovative products, top quality by the Professional Equipment and brown!

Every day we strive to stay abreast of developments in the coffee room to provide that most last in the coffee room, but always with our thought is to the needs of each customer.

In our store you will find high quality products for the brewing, beverage and drink as many accessories barista and bartender. The addressed to the professional, the bar man, but the home user, with products of the largest companies in the world.

Since May 2017, we are the official and exclusive distributors of LavAzza coffee, Hellenic Coca Cola company, 3E, for the regional unit of Evros and Xanthi Greece


Since November 2019, we are the official and exclusive distributors of Beverage World  Photos Photiades Group.


For any questions or additional information please contact us.
Our site is constantly enriched but, for something that can not find, call us at +30 231 220 2551 for information, which likely will you find the best price.