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Belogia BS 350 Disk - Utensils Washer

Belogia BS 350 Disk - Utensils Washer
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Belogia BS 350 Disk - Utensils Washer
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-Made in Italy

-Made of stainless steel

-Double wall construction for a quieter and cooler working environment

-Standards of hygiene considerably improved by the presence of self cleaning and self draining washing pumps: no dirty water left in the machine

-Full coverage filter system: keeps wash water cleaner for longer that means less water changes, cleaner utensils and lower fuel bills

-Standard equipped with built-in detergent and rinse agent dispensers. Both can be set and adjusted electronically from the control panel.

-Four washing cycles from 2 to 12 minutes.

-Special designed rack-guides reduce the effort of handling the rack at full load and are very easy to clean

-Maximum flexibility of use is ensured by the exclusive half-load” program that activates only one of the two washing pumps and one of the two rinsing pumps

-Εlectronic self-diagnostics enables rapid fault finding and setting off the operational parameters

-ABT rinse technology. This system reduces the quantity of water used for rinsing by 20% compared to similar machines without this technology

-4 washing programs from 2 to 12 minutes

-Water consumption/cycle: 8lt

-Dimensions: 1470x850x-1900mm

-Rack: 1320x700mm

-Door height: 850mm

-Voltage / Watt: 400V/15500W

-Washing cycles duration in minutes: 2-4-8-12

-Boiler in: 17t

-Tank: 131lt

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