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Loumidis Greek Coffee No 32

Greek coffee No 32 Loumidis is an excellent blend with a traditional taste of Greek coffee. It took the name of No. 32 from the percentage of grams of blends contained. Fine blends of Brazilian Arabica 300g coffee and 190g Robusta Indian were selected. The series of Greek coffee of Loumidis coffee grinders came to offer you a special pleasure in everyday life. This coffee has a rich cream, a strong aroma and a body with earthy notes. It is ideal for special moments of enjoyment or even for a unique afternoon break. The coffee is freshly ground and its packaging is airtight so that it comes to your door maintaining its aromas and freshness. It is preferably consumed within two weeks of opening the package. Store airtight in a cool environment, without moisture. The coffee is available in a package of 490 grams.

Loumidi coffee mills have been in everyone's hearts since 1920!
The Loumidis Family, with constant values ​​of respect for the product and the customer, offers the finest varieties of coffee.
It continues a tradition of 100 years with passion and know-how. Their unique blends, the single-variety and aromatic coffees, generously give their aroma.
They roast each variety in small batches and at the ideal temperature. They always grind the coffee fresh and pack it immediately.
Enjoy authentic experiences through the world of coffee with the experience of a century from the Loumidis coffee mills!

Available in packaging: 500gr

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