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Replacement Granular Activated Carbon Filter Q-GAC-10″

Replacement Granular Activated Carbon Filter Q-GAC-10″
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Replacement Granular Activated Carbon Filter Q-GAC-10″
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The Q-GAC-10″ Granular Activated Carbon Replacement Filter is made from coco palm. Effectively reduces chlorine, chemical and organic pollutants and pesticides thus improving the smell and taste of tap water.

Ideal for general water dechlorination as a pre-filter for reverse osmosis units or as a filter for activated carbon systems. The use of coconut charcoal imparts a pleasant taste to the water.

The use of granular activated carbon favors large water supply and treatment without pressure drop in the system.

The life of the filter varies from 3 to 6 months, depending on the structure of the filtration system and the quality of the mains water to be treated.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Product Type Water Filter Spare Parts
Filter Installation Type Reverse Osmosis Systems
Activated Carbon Filtration Method, GAC – Granular Activated Carbon
Filtering Properties Taste & Odor, Chemicals, Chlorine
Size 10"

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