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Double Central Supply Filter 10″ (1/2″) QWH2

Double Central Supply Filter 10″ (1/2″) QWH2
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Double Central Supply Filter 10″ (1/2″) QWH2
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Double 10″ (1/2″) high pressure (8 bar) central supply filter. It can be connected directly to the house's central water supply, providing protection for the whole house. The connection of such filters can fully cover the needs of a house (removal of solid particles, dechlorination, reduction of heavy metals, etc.).

The inlet/outlet cross section is 1/2″. The cross-section can easily be adjusted using nipples to (3/4″) to match the cross-section of your home's main water pipe.

The 10″ (1/2″) center feed dual filter has a relief valve in the filter head.

√ The package contains:

-tightening wrench
-suspension base
-wall mounting screws
* Replacement filters are not included.


Dimensions (H x W) 31.5 cm x 27 cm
Cross Section Diameter (inches) 1/2″
Working Temperature 2 °C – 45 °C
Maximum Pressure (bar) 8 bar
Transparent Filter Housing Material PET1
Filter Housing Cover Material PP2
O-ring NBR3
Number of O-rings 1

More information

Weight 3.0 kg

Product Type Water Filter Systems

Filter Installation Type Central Supply Filters

Activated Carbon Filtration Method, CTO, Salt Breakdown, Ceramic

Filtering Properties Salts, Bacteria, Sediment, Chlorine

Filtering Stages 2

Manufacturer OEM

Size 10", 1/2"

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