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Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert

Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert
Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert
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Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert
Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert
Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert
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Pentair PCC-106 salt reduction insert with polyphosphate crystals that dissolve in water and coat elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc. This makes it impossible for these elements to settle out of the water and create the familiar problems that related to "hard" water.

Pentair PCC-106 Ένθετο Στοιχείο Μείωσης Αλάτων


√ Fits into the center core of any standard 10″ and 20″ Double Open End (DOE) sediment or activated carbon filter.

√ Shelf life: 6 months.

Pentair PCC-106 contains hexametaphosphate crystals that dissolve slowly in water to prevent scale and rust build-up.

This type of treatment is also recommended for use with ice machines, coffee and vending machines, food service equipment, water heaters, air conditioning equipment and many other types of water treatment equipment. Prevents the formation of scales on pumps, resistors and other metal parts of professional equipment.

Benefits – Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert

-Hexametaphosphate crystals (food grade and FDA approved) help prevent lime scale.

-Effective in treating corrosion and iron problems.

Scaling: Hardness particles are kept separate so that they cannot settle and form deposits when heated. Maximum hardness 250mg/l CaCo₃ (15 gpg).

Corrosion: A protective coating is formed on all metal surfaces, protecting against acidity / alkalinity, hardness, chloride and other factors that affect corrosion of water equipment and piping. pH range 6.5-9.0.

Iron: Dissolved iron, up to 1 ppm, is kept suspended in solution (sequestered), preventing leaching of dissolved iron, which would cause staining and discoloration.

Features – Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert

Filter media – Polyphosphate Crystals
Shell – Polypropylene
Temperature – 4.4-37.8 ° C
Height: 13.8cm
Diameter: 2.7cm
Flow: 4-6 lt/m

How do polyphosphate crystals work?

The crystals have the property, as the water comes into contact with them, to react with some of the dissolved metals (calcium, magnesium) in the water that create the salts, forcing them to maintain their solubility and not settle on the surfaces.

With their use, the concentration of salts in the pipes, at the tap mouths is reduced, while their removal becomes easier in the sanitary ware. They also protect water heaters, washing machines and natural gas burners from corrosion.

By using such a filter, the crystalline quartz softens the water of the washing machine, protects and gives a longer life to the device, preventing the formation of scales. It saves energy because it keeps the resistance clean, resulting in better operation. At the same time, it reduces the use of detergent, softener and softening tablets.

Protect your home appliances with the Pentair PCC-106 Descaling Insert

Hardness in water is caused by mineral salts – mainly calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Continued exposure to hard water results in calcium build-up in your appliances. Over time, this results in the requirement for maintenance or even repair, reducing their lifespan.

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