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Cafetto Clean Bean Tablets 8pcs

Cafetto Clean Bean Tablets 8pcs
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Cafetto Clean Bean Tablets 8pcs
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Cleaning your home coffee maker helps you avoid the accumulation of coffee grounds that will jeopardize the taste of your coffee. With this patented product you can now ensure that your machine is always at optimum performance.

Way of use:

Fill your machine's water tank with water.

Insert a tablet into the capsule.

Open the lid and insert the capsule into the machine.

Put a cup under the spout and press the function to get the highest dose of coffee.

Repeat once more.

Open the disposal bin and remove the empty capsule.

Rinse with clean water and store for later use.

Clean Bean capsules do not contain phosphates and Genetically Modified Organisms. The capsule is designed to be reused over and over again.


Use Clean Bean every month or after every 30 coffees to maintain the optimal taste of your coffee. Clean Bean has been shown to clean the espresso machine 7 times more efficiently than when rinsing with water alone.

Compatible with Nespresso® machines

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