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Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 500g

Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 500g
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Cafetto EVO Espresso Machine Cleaner 500g
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Cafetto Evo 500g is the perfect cleansing organic powder:

-Effectively removes coffee oils, residues and stains, with an immediate effect on improving the taste and aroma of extracted coffee
-Fully soluble powder that leaves no traces of odor
-All Cafetto EVO products contain fast biodegradable ingredients meeting international standards
-EVO products do not contain phosphate, bleach and Genetically Modified Organisms
-Each package contains a dosing spoon for greater control and economy. The dosing spoon has a capacity of 4 grams
-The powerful formula of Cafetto EVO requires a dose of 4 grams per cleaning, making the cost of use one of the lowest on the market and at the same time it is completely safe for your equipment
Cafetto EVO formula is non-corrosive to metals protecting the mechanical parts of your equipment

Way of use:

1.Remove the coffee filter from the shutter and replace it with the "blind".
2.For daily use, place a dose of EVO 4g in the shutter with the spoon it contains, button the shutter as you would prepare a dose of espresso.
3.Start the infusion cycle and let it run for 10 "seconds until the solution dissolves.
4.Stop the infusion cycle and let it sit for 10 "seconds.
5.Start and stop the same 10 "process for a further 4 times.
6.Remove the shutter and rinse thoroughly under the hot water supply.
7.Button the shutter with the "blind" filter on the machine again, start and stop the infusion cycle for 10 times, let the water run for 5 "seconds, stop for 2" seconds to ensure proper rinsing.
8.Remove the "blind" filter and insert the normal one.
9.And finally flavor your shutter with a dose of espresso.
10.It is now ready for the next use.

Cleaning the shutter and filters:

Immerse the shutter and filter in hot water 500ml and add 2 tablespoons of EVO cleaner, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse well under running hot water.

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