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Monin Basil Syrup 700ml

Monin Basil Syrup 700ml
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Monin Basil Syrup 700ml
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The "royal herb" as it is characterized in many cultures and especially in Greek, is an aromatic herb.

There are several varieties of basil, from dessert used in Mediterranean cuisine and the famous Italian "pesto", to Thai, which is more reminiscent of anise. Like many herbs, basil is very fragile and delicate.

It is used by pressing it lightly in a glass by many bartenders who want to give freshness and botanicality to their drinks.

MONIN Basil syrup will give the taste and aroma of fresh basil for beautiful creations.

-Productor: Monin

-Type: Syrup

-Country: France

Quantity: 700ml

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