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Loumidis Greek Coffee Kit - Big

Give the Greek Coffee Kit as a gift to those who want to be initiated in a unique journey with authentic aromas and flavors of Greek coffee.

The traditional "tools" of preparation and serving are combined with high quality Greek coffee and bring a result full of aromas and emotions.

For 100 years, coffee has been our specialty, our passion and our passion. That's why we created the Greek Coffee Kit. A unique and complete packaging with all the traditional "tools" for Greek coffee lovers but also for those who want to experience authentic experiences through the world of coffee.

The package of the Greek Coffee Kit includes 1 handmade traditional bronze kettle with its stirrer, 2 separate cups with their saucers, traditional Greek coffee 200gr and instructions for making Greek with the signature and guarantee of Loumidis Coffee Grinders.

Small Greek Coffee Kit Code: GCKS

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