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Rhino Coffee Gear

Rhino Bench Scale 2kg/0.1g
In Stock
Rhino Bench Scale 2kg/0.1g The new Rhino scales are designed to fit the grill of all espresso machines for precision in every extraction. Specifications: - Capacity: 2000g / 70oz - Accuracy: 0.1g - Modes: G/OZ/OZT/DWT - Platform Dimensions: 150mm (5.90") x 158mm (6.22") - Platform Mater..
Rhino Brewing Scale 3kg/0.1g
In Stock
-The screen is well forward to make it easier to read the information about your brew. -Measure weight measuring 3 kilos with an accuracy of 0.1 gram. -Weighting dimensions of 126mm x 126mm -Protective silicone cap...
Rhino Brush Spare Heads 3 pcs
In Stock
Replacement of brush heads for the Rhino Coffee Group Head Brush Quantity: 3pcs per package..
Rhino Classic Corner Tamping Mat Rhino Classic Corner Tamping Mat
In Stock
The Rhino Coffee Gear Classic Corner Tamper Mat is made from durable food grade silicone rubber. Designed to protect both the bench and portafilter, with this generous size "classic square" work surface and a straight front drop it sits neatly on the corner of the bench. Dimensions: 210mm (L) x 1..
Rhino Cleaning Brush Group & Scoop Rhino Cleaning Brush Group & Scoop
In Stock
The Rhino Coffee Gear brush is the perfect choice for cleaning unwanted coffee grounds from the group head of espresso machines. Designed with a bow-like call to prevent hot water from falling from the brush and contact with your hand. The brush base has a built-in dosing spoon making the powder ..
Rhino Coffee Gear Bean Scoop 1kg Rhino Coffee Gear Bean Scoop 1kg
In Stock
The Rhino Coffee Gear Bean Scoop is the perfect size for weighing and pouring out whole coffee beans. With a large handle, 1kg (2.2lb) weight capacity and the ability to sit flat on your benchtop, this bean scoop from Rhino Coffee Gear is the only one you'll need for your roastery. The flat bottom o..
Rhino Coffee Gear Knockbox
In Stock
- Outer diameter 16 cm - Height: 30 cm - Weight: 2 kg The Rhino table cylindrical knock tube is made of high-strength plastic (wall thickness 5 mm) for the disposal of coffee residues by hitting the shutter of the espresso machine. With detachable collar for easy emptying of the cylinder fr..
Rhino Coffee Gear Shot Glass - Double Rhino Coffee Gear Shot Glass - Double
Hot In Stock
Rhino Coffee Gear has answered the call for a double-spouted shot glass that combines durability and functionality.  This 80ml (3 ounce) handled shot glass is perfect for pulling double shots.  The handle protects fingers from the heat of a freshly dropped shot.  Graduated measurement marks make it ..
Rhino Coffee Gear Silver Tamper
In Stock
The Rhino Coffee Gear professional tamper range has been designed with both the professional & home barista in mind. With the ergonomically designed anodised aluminium handle & professionally weighted 304 stainless steel base they weigh in at approx. 500g, are comfortable to use and very durable.  ..
Rhino Coffee Gear Square Knock Chute Rhino Coffee Gear Square Knock Chute
In Stock
The Rhino Coffee Gear commercial knock chute is neat and stylish & perfect for cafés, restaurants and office applications. Made from heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel, this knock chute has a small foot print, making it an easy fit into just about any position in a counter top. Using an ‘in-bench’..
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