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Cafelat Milk Pitcher 700ml
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Brand: Cafelat
-Milk pitcher made of polished finish stainless steel. -Ergonomically designed handle for easy use. -Raised pour spout to help with latte art. -Thick walls and body design of the pitcher that makes it strong and heavy, perfect for the final swirl..
Brand: Cafelat
Cafelat Pillar -The Pillar tamper was one of Karina's first designs for the Cafelat project. -It not only looks funky but has a really great feeling in the hand. -The vertical ridges provide an easy grip which is perfect for the final polishing spin of the tamper...
Cafelat Portafilter all-in-one Wide Double Spout Cafelat Portafilter all-in-one Wide Double Spout
In Stock
Brand: Cafelat
-Τhe first and only portafilter that is both regular and naked -Made of 100% stainless steel -Bakelite handle -Unique plate system allows the user to choose different spouts -Features a flat rim on both the Naked and Regular configurations making it easy to get a level tamp -Spouts al..
Brand: Cafelat
-Tamper with flat stainless steel base and brushed aluminum handle and rubber, black -Ergonomically designed handle for optimum application in the palm and firm touch..
Brand: Cafelat
Keep your tamper dry and always in the same place with this unique and innovative hanger...
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