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 Cafetto Organic Liquid Descaler 250ml
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Brand: Caffeto
Descaling liquid for cleaning salts, ideal for home appliances and water boilers. Cafetto Organic Certified Deodorant Liquid is a safe and effective solution for cleaning salts from boilers and the circuit of household and capsule machines. Instructions:   1)Use 125ml Cafetto in 875ml h..
Cafetto Grinder Clean 450g Cafetto Grinder Clean 450g
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Brand: Caffeto
Cafetto Grinder Clean removes the accumulation of coffee residues and odors from the grinding mills. It cleans the mills of the grinding mill, improving the efficiency, thus prolonging the life of the knives and minimizing jams. Cafetto GrinderClean does not contain gluten, made from 100% natu..
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