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Johny ΑΚ/6 Orange Squeezer Johny ΑΚ/6 Orange Squeezer
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Brand: Johny
It has: Transparent cone and strainer made of food-safe durable polycarbonate. Transparent bowl cover for hygiene reasons. Excellent water-tight motor protection. Illuminated water-tight on-off switch. Slip proof feet. Three types available: ECO Economy type with bowl made..
Johny ΑΚ/7 AUT Orange Squeezer Johny ΑΚ/7 AUT Orange Squeezer
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Brand: Johny
It has: Automatic operation (the motor starts by simply pushing down the handle of the squeezer after placing the citrus fruit on the squeezer cone). Transparent, food safe polycarbonate cover. Stainless steel fruit crasher Removable polycarbonate container inside for excellent water tig..
Johny Φραπιέρα AK/2-2T Chrome
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Brand: Johny
The AK/2 drink mixer is made of durable food-safe ABS material. It has: -Two speed on-off switch. Also available type AK/2-VS with five speed switch or /and automatic safety operation switch. -Slip-proof feet -Motor ventilation -Powerful motor (400W) with safety thermal cut – of..
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