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Johnny Blender AK / 12 Replacement Jug with No Cover
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Brand: Johny
  Fully functional replacement jug (jug-knives). It can also be used as an extra jug so that you can use the blender immediately without having to wash the jug you used. -Caution! The lid is not included -Suitable for both models (Aut - Eco)..
Johnny Cone For Citrus Juicer AK/6
Hot In Stock
Brand: Johny
*Combatible with the following models -AK-6 -AK-5 (expect from the model with the red cone -Replacement ..
Johny 5-speed switch
In Stock
Brand: Johny
Spare part for drink mixer AK/2-5TA AK/2-5T PR..
Johny AK / 12 Replacement Body Cap For Blender Johny AK / 12 Replacement Body Cap For Blender
In Stock
Brand: Johny
Note: -If the magnet cover is gray then select the Eco model -If the magnet cover is black then select the Aut model..
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