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My Topping Strawberry Syrup 1 kg My Topping Strawberry Syrup 1 kg
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My Topping high quality Strawberry flavored garnish syrup with natural aromas and richly balanced taste. They are the ideal partner to accompany ice cream, crepes, waffles, sweets, coffees, cocktails, milkshakes, chocolates, teas, smoothies, drinks, juices, granitas and where else sweetener is u..
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Paper Cup Lavazza Ciao Italy  8oz 20 pcs.
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Paper Cups Lavazza 8oz -High grade -Sold in a package of 20 pieces Ideal for hot and cold drinks -They allow you to comfortably hold the Cup even with hot contents -The Paper Cups do not smell when a hot drink is entered -Produced from excellent quality and high-strength paper -Exc..
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Plastic Cup Lavazza Australia 300ml 50pcs.
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Plastic Cups - 300ml are suitable for cold drinks. Such as Freddo espresso, Freddo Cappuccino, frozen drink etc. Made with high standards for their quality, from plastic material PP (polypropylene) to withstand cold water and ice. They can be used to drink a cold drink easily, quickly and clea..
New Salepi Top Salepi from Barista Lovers !!! A product reminiscent of the East. It is produced from the roots of a wild orchid that thrives at high altitudes. It is an antioxidant, drink hot and is suitable for coughs, stomachs and more CHARACTERISTICS Semi-finished product The package con..
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