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Artemis A-2001 Shined Coffee Mixer

Artemis A-2001 Shined Coffee Mixer
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Artemis A-2001 Shined Coffee Mixer
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-Watt 350

-220/230 Volt 50/60 Hz

-RPM 15000-22000

-2 speed waterproof switch

-European type cable with earthing connection


-Universal revolutionary switch that allows you to use glasses of different sizes from 11cm to 17.5cm (Only in the automatic model)

-Stainless steel cup

-Extra hexagonal propeller on each device

-Made entirely of aluminum

-Immortal motor

-Stainless steel front and base

-Stainless steel shaft 18/10

-Waterproof 2-speed switch

-Anti-slip rubbers for stability


-Dimensions H46 x W18 x D24,5 cm

-Net weight 6,140 kilos

-Gross weight 6,640 kilos





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