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Cleaning Tools

Beyond the Beans - Barista Kit Beyond the Beans - Barista Kit
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Beyond the Beans - Barista Kit Without Tamper Everything a barista could need and want, package in a handy case. All the barista kits include -1x 900ml Steaming Jug -1x Pallo Steam Wand Brush -1x Beyond the Beans Caffeine Wrench -1x Beyond the Beans Thermometer -1x Long Thermome..
Cafelat Grouphead Cleaning Brush Extras Cafelat Grouphead Cleaning Brush Extras
In Stock
Brand: Cafelat
-Cafelat, group cleaning brush extras made of stainless steel and natural fibres. -Packaging includes 3 pairs of replacements...
Brand: OEM
Total length: 300mm. Bristels Diameter: 6.4mm. Bristels lenght: 40mm. Minimum hole diameter: 6mm...
Crema Pro Gnb 450 Grouphead Brush Black
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Brand: Crema Pro
-Grouphead cleaning brush made of wearing polypropylene in black color. -Specially designed handle to direct hot water away from hands...
Crema Pro Micro Cleaning Cloth (Portafilter)
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Brand: Crema Pro
-Μicrofibre cleaning cloths. -20% Polyamide 80% Polyester. -Perfect for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. -Brings out the shine on your coffee equipment. -They are really great on stainless steel or on chrome as well as on steam wands. -Do not leave any watermarks. -Βox se..
Crema Pro Set Barista Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
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Brand: Crema Pro
-Microfiber cloth set -Includes 1 x Micro Fibre Cloth 600mm x 300mm (with Barista Clip) for removing and cleaning grind from porta handles and baskets and 1 x Micro Fibre Steam Wand Cloth 400mm x 400mm for cleaning the steam wand to remove milk residue...
Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool
In Stock
Brand: Espazzola
The Espazzola is a professional tool for cleaning the group-head of espresso machines. It is mounted into the group-head like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the machine for a thorough and comprehensive removal of the coffee residues from all surfaces. Instead of brushing the group-head by..
Espazzola Replacement Membrane
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Brand: Espazzola
Replacement membrane for the group espazzola cleaning tool..
Brand: OEM
Group Cleaning Brush The color blue symbolizes harmony and balance. Blue relaxes us, as when we look at the sky we feel serene. Blue also symbolizes peace. Those who have a preference for the color blue are graced with deep feelings and inner strength...
Group Cleaning Inox Big Brush
Out Of Stock
Brand: OEM
Ideal for cleaning brewing groups as Spaziale, Brasilia, Dalla Corte, etc. Handle anti-scald...
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