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Rowlett Rutland Professional Grill Toaster

Rowlett Rutland Professional Grill Toaster
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Rowlett Rutland Professional Grill Toaster
  • Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Model: RE200
  • Dimensions: 74.00cm x 37.00cm x 60.00cm

Available Options

-Model: RE200

-Plate of special titanium alloy with high strength and performance coating

-Special economy switch when not baking

-Economy at least 30%

-Steady cooking temperature

-Thermal insulating handle

-Function light

-Insulated electrical parts

-Easy to clean

-Dual resistors on every grill providing equal temperature throughout its surface

-Thermostat 50-220 ° C (manual)

-Thermostat 1 second -59 minutes (electronic)

-Dimensions of grill: 330x205mm

-Timer 30 seconds - 6 minutes

-Dimensions: 74x37x60cm

-Power: 5.8Kw / 230Volt

-Weight: 31Kg

Upon order 380Volt, at a charge of 265 €

 Suggested cooking time

Fish fillet pancake: 2min
Turkey breast 2min
Oatmeal Pancake 12 sec.
Trout: 4min
Chicken fillet 1.5min
Pancakes 40 sec.
Piglets 3min
Omelet classic 2min
Burgers 1min
Mushrooms 2min
Fillet 2min
Toast 45 sec.
Beef Schnitzel 2min
Scrambled eggs 45 seconds
Kebab 2min
Fried eggs 45 seconds
Bacon 30 sec.
    Pizza 3min



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