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Dalla Corte Dc Two Professional Double Coffee Grinder

Dalla Corte Dc Two Professional Double Coffee Grinder
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Dalla Corte Dc Two Professional Double Coffee Grinder
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-Professional, double, on-demand coffee grinder that is entirely designed by Dalla Corte’s R&D division

-Ideal for users who want to offer a selection of blends to their customers

-Εxclusively designed flat burrs that provide an extremely precise cut

-Νew rotating burr holder system, which provides maximum planarity between burrs and perpendicularity with respect to the motor’s rotation axis

-Grinding can be adjusted down to one hundredth of a millimetre

-Τemperature is always kept under control by means of two cooling fans

-Single and double shot preselection plus barista operation

-Connection with Dalla Corte machines and automatic adjustment of the grinder from the machine

-Fully automatic detection of single and double shot

-Exact grinding time (3 digits after the decimal point) via digital screen

-Guided program ensures cleaning of the burrs

-Dimensions: 319x300x570mm

-Voltage / Watt: 230V/500W

-Grinding Discs Ømm: Ø65 flat

-R.P.M: 1350

-Grinding Capacity gr/sec: 3,7- 4,7gr/sec

-Bean hopper capacity: 2x1000gr

-Weight: 21kg

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