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The Rinser Flush Device Picher Rinser

The Rinser Flush Device Picher Rinser
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The Rinser Flush Device Picher Rinser
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  • Model: BLTR111.18
  • Dimensions: 31.00cm x 20.50cm x 3.00cm

Picher Rinser

At first glance it may seem like something sophisticated. And yet the Picher Rinser is the most useful devices are cafes, restaurants and bars. Perhaps the most practical device for cafes, bars and restaurants

-They have emerged as an essential tool for each cafe, restaurant or bar.

- with drainer 304 stainless steel 31cm White

-They offer speed and ease of rinsing and while limiting the movement of containers in the kitchen.

-The Rinser used to wash milk jug, boston-shakers and any other vessel with similar dimensions.

-The Rinser is embedded in a inox vessel.

-The flushing system is installed flush to the countertopThe Rinser works when push the top of the pan.

-Sprinkles water pressure within the vessel thus managing to wash away in a matter of seconds.

-Does not work with electricity

-Dimensions 31x20.5x3cm

-Water inlet is 1/2

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