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BWT Bestaqua 24 HQ Reverse Osmosis System

 BWT Bestaqua 24 HQ Reverse Osmosis System
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BWT Bestaqua 24 HQ Reverse Osmosis System
  • Stock: 2-3 Days
  • Model: 018-069
  • Dimensions: 23.00cm x 25.00cm x 38.00cm

-Reverse osmosis system that works with the filtration process through membranes

-The water passes at high pressure through the membranes which filter the water and remove solutes

-The process restrains soluble substances such as salts and heavy metals releasing only pure water molecules

-The thin semipermeable membrane retains microorganisms, such as bacteria, ensuring that all solutes are removed

-Includes membranes sets, powerful motor, pump

-Space saving compact, high quality construction

-Long life, low noise, easy to service

-Display with consumption alerts

-Indication of conductivity flow and temperature on the display

-Adjustable conductivity level with alerts

-100% protection against dust. No ventilator

-Suitable for continuous operation (24/7)

-Dimensions: 230x250x-380mm

-Voltage / Watt: 230V/390W

-Filtration capacity: 120lt/hr

-Weight Kg (aprox): 21kg

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