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Iced Tea

Blentea Ice Tea Pomegranate Blentea Ice Tea Pomegranate
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Brand: Gialousis
Blentea Ice Tea Pomegranate Blentea syrups are the innovating tea beverage solution for bars, cafes or even for home usage. Blentea syrups are filled in elegant 1lt bottles that can be placed on the top of the bar and come with the appropriate pump dispenser. Blentea light syrups are ..
Dispenser Pump 10ml
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Brand: OEM
-Dispenser (pump) 10ml for a stable dose of the product. -Proper for syrups, popsicles etc...
Brand: Sweetbird
Sweetbird Ice Tea -No artificial colours or preservatives -Free from High Fructose Corn Syrup -100% GMO free -1 litre bottle -Registered for vegetarians and vegans by The Vegan Society..
Brand: Sweetbird
A mixture of real lemon juice and black tea extract for a refreshing taste. Free from artificial colors, preservatives and genetically modified materials. With the seal of the Vegan Society. Sweetbird Iced Tea Recipe (in 360ml serving glass) -22.5ml Sweetbird Sugar Free Lemon Iced Tea (3 pu..
Brand: Pegasus Bio
Blend of 5 herbs of the Greek land. Contains: bio cyst, bio basil, bio rosemary, bio lavender and rose petals. A strong taste with character, magical but also familiar, one would say if he had visited Greece. An award-winning drink (2 star great taste 2018) that wins you over, like the mythica..
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