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Nespresso* capsules compatible

*Nespresso® is a mark of a third party without any link with Luigi Lavazza S.p.A.

Lavazza Lungo Avvolgente 10pcs
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Brand: Lavazza
The harmonious taste of blended beans from Central and South America combines with the refined aromatic taste of African Arabica coffee beans to create a blend with a velvety, harmonious and full flavor. The intense roasting and touch of Robusta from the regions of Southeast Asia give an aromatic ba..
Urnex Nespresso Coffee Machine Cleaning and Desalination Set
In Stock
Brand: Urnex
-Single use maintenance kit for Nespresso machines, consisting of 1 Cleaning Capsule and 1 bottle of Liquid Descaler -Cleaning Capsule: cleans & removes bitter coffee oil reside from the brew chamber, exit spout and nozzle -Descaling Liquid: effectively breaks down limescale without the vi..
Urnex Nespresso Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules
In Stock
Brand: Urnex
-Cleans & removes bitter coffee oil residue from the brew chamber, exit spout and nozzle -Regular use extends your machine’s life span & allows you to enjoy better tasting coffee -Easy to use capsule format -For use only on Nespresso OriginalLine machines -Five single ..
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