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Spare Parts

AeroPress Filter Cap
In Stock
Brand: Aeropress
This replacement filter cap is compatible with both the original AeroPress coffee machine and the AeroPress Go..
Aeropress filters
In Stock
-Replacement paper filters for aeropress. -Micro filter removes any grit. -Packaging includes 350 filters..
Aeropress Spare Rubber Cap Aeropress Spare Rubber Cap
In Stock
Brand: Aeropress
Genuine spare rubber stopper for AeroPress. Useful spare part when the original is damaged. It is placed on the piston that pushes the water in the coffee. It must be well placed and tight, otherwise the right pressure will not be exerted to prepare the coffee...
Artemis Big Cone For Citrus Juicer Artemis Big Cone For Citrus Juicer
In Stock
Brand: Artemis
Artemis Big cone For Citrus Juicer The color of the product may be different from what you are portraying..
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