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Johny AK/1-EP3 Hot-Dog Machine

Johny AK/1-EP3 Hot-Dog Machine
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Johny AK/1-EP3 Hot-Dog Machine
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  • Model: AK/1-EP3

The Hot-Dog machine AK/1-EP3 not only warms but even toasts the bread rolls at 200oC. A seperate switch allows the regulation of the temperature of the three bread warmers (spikes) for more economy and better performance. The hot plate of 1000W with a seven setting temperature switch can be used for cooking or keeping warm the hot dog sausages or any other food cooked.

The appliance has:

  1. Heating element 1000W cast in aluminum for constant temperature and adequate heat transfer for the toasting of the bread rolls.
  2. Thick reinforced insulation of the frame, to prevent heat transfer on the surface of the appliance and ensure safe operation.
  3. Three bread warmers of 25mm diameter and 210mm length, adequately heated to toast bread rolls and not only warm them.
  4. Separate thermostat 50oC - 200oC for the regulation of the bread warmers’ temperature.
  5. Hot plate (1000W), with separate temperature regulator, seven settings.
  6. Heat resistant glass pot.
  7. Pot cover made of  teflon coated aluminium.
  • Model AK/1-EP3
  • Volts 230 V /50 Hz
  • Motor Power 2000 W
  • Net Weight 8,245 Kg
  • Gross Weight 9,100 Kg
  • Dimensions L:490 W:295 H:325 (mm)

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